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Waterless Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

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  • Professional Scent Diffuser with Latest Nebulizing Technology: The waterless essential oil diffuser uses the latest Nanotechnology that turns the high-quality fragrance oil into micro-droplets which makes it easier to spread everywhere in your room. The nebulizer is very efficient and only uses less than 0.4 ml per hour on the highest grade.
  • Waterless and Super Quiet: The diffuser uses pure essential oil only. No water is needed. It is safe to use since it will not get any mold or bacteria. You do not need to clean it up regularly. The machine runs super quietly and won't disturb your sleep. You can add your favorite lavender, lemon, peppermint, jasmine, white tea, or any best-rated essential oils for diffusers for home, spa, and office use.
  • IMPORTANT OPERATION TIPS The default App password is 8888. If you do not want to download the app, the machine can still work. But it will use the default process: works for 15 seconds and pauses for 285 seconds. It will repeat the same process again and again. Which is different from the traditional diffuser. This does not mean it is broken or not working.
  • Portable, Easy to Use Smart Nebulizer. Put in your favorite essential oil into the bottle; plug the nebulizer into the wall outlet; download the app and connect the waterless diffuser via the app; set the working time and grade and you are good to go. You can also control it using buttons on the machine. This mini diffuser is only 8.43" long. It is cordless and it doesn't require a battery. You can easily plug it in any room or take it with you on travel.
  • Adjustable & 24 Hours ModeThis waterless oil diffuser can be set in the smart mode which can save the essential oil or keep running in 24-hour mode. You can make it work 15s and stop 60/85/135/285s to control the concentration of the mist as you wish.
  • Large Capacity & Long Working Time & Excellent Room Coverage: The diffuser comes with a 100ml oil bottle. It can work continuously for 11 days in the highest grade when filled up. The diffuser can cover up to 1,000 square feet and create a relaxing ambiance for your bedroom, living room, bathroom small office, house, hotel, spa, massage, therapy, and other cozy rooms. It is also the best gift choice for kids, young people, and adults.



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Easy to use, Works great

The diffuser is very easy to follow. Sync to the phone's Bluetooth and set it how often and how long the diffuser dispenses the essential oil mist. The diffuser makes a little noise but it's ok. The bottle holds a lot of oil and should be good for a long time when using the low grade. Overall it is an easy-to-use, good compact diffuser.

Control the fragrance intensity from the app

This diffuser allows you to use quality oil fragrances without water. The app allows you to control how strong and how long the scent is emitted. Very easy to setup, low noise with a sleek design. It's a bit pricey; but this is not any ordinary plug-in. I may end up purchasing another diffuser for another level of my home. This really works.

Love it!

Love it!

Big oil reservoir, Timer-yes please, noise minimal...Love this product!

I have had this for a few weeks now and I LOVE it. The oil reservoir holds a good amount of essential oil, so you don't have to fill it every night. I just refilled it the other day and that was form using it every night for almost 2 weeks. The timer feature is wonderful. I just walk into to my bedroom to get ready for bed and it is already running and smells amazing. Noise level to me is very minimal which is a bonus. I highly recommend this.

Tara BensonTara Benson
Compact in size, but powerful and efficient

Love this essential oil diffuser for my finished basement. It's compact size freshens up the whole area (2 rooms with bathroom)! It can be customized to run at different levels at specified times.