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Smart Wireless BMI Digital Scale | Black

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  • Works in connection with fitness apps. Easy setup app, works with the Fitbit App, Google Fit. 
  • 13 essential body measurements. Bodyweight is shown on the scale, and other body composition data including weight, BMI, and body fat percentage are stored on the app. Track everybody's metrics changing on the Renpho app.
  • User-friendly app. Download the Renpho app on the App Store or Google Play, also works with Apple Watch (Except for Apple Watch Series 1). 
  • High-Quality Innovation. Auto calibration, high precision sensors measure in increments of 0.2 lb, 0.05 kg with 396lbs, 180kg capacity. 4 high sensitive electrodes. DO NOT let the sides of the scale, especially the four corners of the surface tempered glass hit any object, and it is recommended to wrap the four corners of the glass with soft objects.
  • Monitor your progress, with unlimited users, and baby weighing mode. Save data, and track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress. Use baby weighing mode for weighing a baby or pets, 1 scale for the whole family.


Customer Reviews

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Nina HopkinsNina Hopkins
Works really well.

This is absolutely fanstastic. I'm an athlete and it's even got athlete settings. The body fat seems a bit high but that could be my ego talking. Using a caliper and the Jackson pullock 7 method, I am 12.5% body fat and I feet that is true. Anyway the weight is what I was looking for. It's syncs with my Fitbit app automatically. Great app. I know that my body isn't the norm and if it were it would have diseased the body fat in, the rest is absolutely fantastic and I would recommend this to anyone who's dying to know all of this information. Easy to setup and use. I'm so glad I tried this before spending the money in a Fitbit scale.

Good value for price - some metrics not accurate

I'm impressed with the metrics you can get on the app.I got a DEXA scan (dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) from BodySpec the same day that I took the scan on the scale, within half an hour of each other without eating or drinking.I'm showing pictures of the scale scan vs. the DEXA scan. Let me go through the reported numbers on the scale vs. the DEXA below: Scale DEXAWeight 180.4 181.5 (wore a T-shirt for DEXA scan but not for scale)Body Fat 13.2% 19.9%Fat-Free Weight 156.6 145.4Subcutaneous Fat 11.4% NAVisceral Fat 6 1.68Muscle Mass 148.8 138.4Bone Mass 7.8 7.0Resting Metabolic 1904 1712The scale reports 10 pounds more muscle mass than the DEXA scan, and body fat percentage is off by 6%.The scale seems to be broken when it comes to visceral fat, because it always reports 6. According to the DEXA scan, my visceral fat is only 1.68, so I wouldn't trust that.For the price of the scale, I think it is fine to use it for comparative purposes when it comes to body fat % and muscle mass weight. I don't think it does a good job of tracking visceral fat.I can get a DEXA scan for $45, and I have to schedule it in advance. I plan to do those once a year.This scale is cool with the app, it's nice to see the breakdown it provides, but I would take some of the metrics it provides with a grain of salt.

Love this scale

I love this scale. I downloaded the app and it synced up easily. I was able to link it to my fitbit, which in turn is linked it to myfitnesspal so I see the weight tracking in all 3 apps. Pretty awesome. Other than weight, most of the detail info is only available in the RENPHO App, but, that's ok with me. I took the scale in my backpack with me to a doctors appointment. You should have seen the look on the nurses face! I guess a lot of people don't do that. :) The weight measurement was within .2 pounds of what my doctors scale read. So, I trust the measurements. I have found that I get the best detail measurements when I use the scale with bare feet and rub the bottom of my feet with a damp washcloth before I step on the scale. I don't do this when I simply want to see my weight on the scale, but, if I want to look at BMI and the other detail measurements in the app, I find it works best that way.

Easy to use and read, and seems to be accurate.

I already had a Bluetooth scale but the app was a pain and the display was hard to read (blue lights are pretty but hard to read clearly). This, I'm happy to say, resolves both of those issues. The display is easy to read, even from six feet up, and the app is simple, complete, and easily navigable. You can't ask for much more than that.Oh, and while it's difficult to speak to absolute accuracy, at least I can say that it agreed completely with my old scale, so the transition was easy and contained no surprises.This scale is small, easy to use, and makes it easy for me to watch as my middle-aged spread settles in. Groovy.

user user
Its what i needed

I am a 36 year old working mother of two teenagers. No time to keep detailed track of my calorie intake or be super vigilant about my food choices. This is fast and easy to understand. It keeps me in line and aware of my body.