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Smart Home Remote Stater Kit | White

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Why Do I Need a Remote Like This When I Already Have a Voice Assistant? Are you tired of yelling at Echo Dot to stop/snooze the morning alarm or do the Good Night routine, or repeating your commands over and over again while your Nest Mini was not able to pick up your commands, especially with background noise, or giving the same voice commands like Hey Siri, what time it is many times a day? This Smart Home Remote is the device to help you in these scenarios.

Increased Control Success Rate: No more worries about the bad voice recognition or your commands not being picked up by the voice assistant device due to the range, background noise, accent, or throat condition. Record the voice command that works and let the speaker repeat it to the voice assistant device just at a touch of a button.

Ideal Gift for Elderly or Toddlers: A thoughtful gift for a toddler to have the Homepod play baby shark or read a story, or a senior with voice or memory issues to conveniently interact with the smart technology at a touch of a button.

330ft+ Range: Equipped with RF rather than IR, controlling your smart home devices across rooms or behind the cabinet is no longer a challenge. * The 330ft+ Range is between the Remote and Speaker. Turn your backyard led light strips to party mode at a press of the button without shouting out "OK Google, backyard party mode".

Add a Remote to Rooms without a Voice Assistant: You may want to have a smart home control in places that do not have an Echo / Google Nest / Homepod / Portal / etc device, like the bathroom, the hallway, the garage, or even the bedroom. Now you can use this Remote to still control your Homepod, in the corresponding places. 

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