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Smart Essential Oil Diffuser | 500ml

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  • RELAXING ATMOSPHERE: This essential oil diffuser is perfect for every home, office, or yoga studio so you can create a calming atmosphere. This device will purify and humidify the air so you will no longer suffer from dry skin and lips. The diffuser will create the perfect environment for you.
  • ADJUST IT TO YOUR NEEDS: The air purifier has a large capacity of 500ml so it can work through the night for best results. The light of the diffuser can be turned off or dimmed so it will never disturb your sleep. The humidifier can set up schedule timers and countdown timers through the Tuyasmart app, so you can adjust it to your needs for maximum results every time.
  • PERFECTLY SAFE: The essential oil diffuser is completely toxic-free so it can be absolutely safe for everyone, even small babies! You can safely use it on a daily basis in your space and even while you're sleeping for a better night s rest. When it's out of the water, it will automatically stop working for lower power consumption.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Absolutely love it. Want another!

I love this diffuser and was honestly surprised to see other reviews that aren't as happy with theirs. Mine works perfectly! The output and scent strength is great. I love the app and have never had problems with it. I do wish it had a timer but that's easily fixed- set the schedule for when to turn off on the app or.....use less water and it automatically turns off. I love that you can use the color wheel in the app to choose exactly whichever color you want in between color fading too. Before bed I use my phone to turn it on ahead of time so when I walk in it's already lovely, fragrant, and ready for some zzzzs. I want another one and soon!

Very powerful!

This diffuser really fills a whole room with whatever essential oil you are using. My husband and I set it up and came back ten minutes later to find that it had already made our room smell like lavender! The only aspect I don't like is that there's a blinking light that you can't turn off. Although it's not that bright, it still made be annoying if you want to use this overnight. I do like the changing light feature for during the day, though!Overall, a good quality product!

A. Tyman
LOVE this diffuser!

Plenty of output even on weak, lasts a long time before I need to refill. Colors are so nice and so is the ability to control those and the light intensity. The app is a huge plus and in addition to scheduling I can tell Alexa to turn on or off. This one arrived yesterday and I have a 2nd one arriving today!

James H.
Works great

Was easy to set up. Just download the app and name it. Alexa finds it.

Lauren Wilson
Smart connected diffuser

Love that this is connected to our Alexa and smart apps. It took me a couple tries to install but I had to make sure this was connected to our Guest Wifi (after a lot of research traditionally your guest WiFi network is 2.4 ghz and your regular is 5. This product ONLY works on the 2.4 network). Once installed we have had no issues including when I unplug it and re plug it back in.We use our products with the Smart Life app instead of the one recommended in the instructions. I have found that app to work a little better plus our smart plugs are there too.I wish this could fill our large living room a little better but the room is big and air flow is probably not ideal