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Smart DIY Thermostat for Smart Home

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  • Save About 23% On Hvac Energy: The Energy Star-certified Smart Thermostat Can Help You Save Energy With Features Like Flexible Scheduling, Remote Access, And Usage Reports
  • Easy Diy Installation: Use The Built-In Level And Step-By-Step App Instructions For A Quick Installation. Works With Hvac Equipment Found In Most Homes. Common Wire (C-Wire) Is Not Required In Most Applications
  • Smart Maintenance: Sensi Can Help Monitor The Performance And Efficiency Of Your HVAC System By Delivering Valuable Usage Reports, Alerts About Your Equipment, And Maintenance Reminders Like Filter Replacement


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ernest Aguayo
Great so far. Also one installation tip:

Loving this thermostat so far. The app is easy to use and it's great to be able to control the thermostat and its schedules from my iPhone.One thing that I wanted to share that might save you the aggravation/confusion I had if you have pretty-old wiring and/or a single-stage furnace connected: Make sure you *remove* the thermostat from the wall holder *before* you try to connect it to your home's wi-fi. Pop it off first and wi-fi setup is quick and easy.

I Am Impressed!

Emerson did an amazing job with this product! I finally broke down and bought a wifi thermostat because I was tired of having to continually run over to my manual thermostat to adjust it. When going from summer to winter, or winter to spring, there are many days where you need heating on one day, and cooling the next... or heating during the morning... cooling during the day... and heating again during later that night. This makes the wifi thermostat the only logical choice.My initial concern was the infamous "c-wire," and whether that would be an issue, but Emerson has developed a system that is as foolproof as you can find. You download their app, and simply follow the step-by-step instructions, and voila! If necessary, you can go back a page or two, or you can go through the entire app a page at a time, to familiarize yourself, then go back to the first page and begin. I can't speak highly enough of their app and how well it is done. I only wish other companies would follow suit, and include such an easy to follow instruction app!As to the thermostat itself, it is not too difficult to figure out, and I was most pleased with how quick and simple it was to setup the daily schedule. That was the one area where it was not as intuitive as it could have been, and a few extra instructions explaining it could have helped. But I still managed to figure it out in just a few minutes of trial & error, since the screen would tell me that I was doing it wrong, and would not let me go to the next step. But again... all in all, it was a surprisingly simple process from start to finish.I was also pleased with how easy it was to setup the daily schedule. On my 7-day programmable manual thermostat, each day had to be set individually. On the Sensi, you can simply select select the days that you want programmed, and apply the temperature settings to that entire range of days. So rather than having to program 7 individual days, I simply set a schedule for 5 work days, and another schedule for my two days off.The one thing I would caution everyone about is AA batteries! The batteries in the package were about 70% when I installed them into the thermostat. Fortunately, I keep plenty of rechargeable batteries on hand, so I was able to charge up a set. When I installed those, the battery meter showed a full 100%. I will monitor to see how long the batteries last, but with rechargeable batteries... it's actually no big deal one way or the other.The unit works fine, and it took no time to install. The mounting bracket uses the exact same holes as the unit I was replacing, and you will probably need the super tiny philips head screwdriver and a pair of needle nosed pliers to push the copper wires back into the wall after you have them inserted & screwed down on the thermostat wall mount. If you leave them extending out, they will block you from being able to snap the face-plate onto the wall mount.I highly recommend this unit. The cost is excellent... it works excellent... and installation was a breeze!A+ & 5-Stars!

Sensi saved my life (and my pockets)

I was looking around for a good thermostat before the winter. I spent around an hour looking for the right fit, tech and budget-wise. Sensi was by far the best option I could have found. Not only it integrated well with my smart home, I have been using it for heating at home with the schedule feature, and I have total control over the temperature and hours of heating by using the app on my phone. Even if people thing big (expensive) brands might be better, I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family. As a matter of fact, I decided to buy 2 for the other floors more after trying it out on my flat. I have a 275 oil tank and I haven't even had to refill once since I started using Sensi a month ago, and I'm still at half a tank. This is a great investment for anyone who is looking for easy installation, good quality and affordable price.

Marc F.
Simple to install, excellent online support

Sensi wifi thermostat (model #ST55) has excellent, step-by-step installation instructions built into the Sensi app. The setup was quick and easy. Once I completed the installation I realized the furnace wasn't kicking in when the room temp fell below the set point. I contacted support for assistance on the Sensi website. The response was quick and to the point. They asked me to send them photos of the wire configuration for the old thermostat and the new wire config. Once I did that, I waited less than 1/2 hour for the second email response instructing me to change the position of the white wire from the O/B to the W/E connection terminal. You'll find an installation video on YouTube - search Sensi thermostat.

I wish I could give this thermostat a 10 star rating!

I just installed a second Sensi after being thrilled with how well the first Sensi worked. If there was a Noble prize for thermostats, the the inventor at Emerson should get the award. I am the caregiver for my 88 year old mom in Vermont who lives alone - 10 hours away from me, and I need to find every way I can to manage her home remotely.Given the brutal winters in Vermont, I needed a way to make sure my Mom stayed warm both day and night - whether in the living room or her bedroom - while also keeping an eye on the fuel oil and propane usage. I have one Sensi attached to the gas fireplace in living room and one Sensi in her bedroom attached to the main furnace boiler.With the Sensi thermostats, I can now make sure the gas fireplace turned on automatically in the morning to maintain 72 and then turned down at 10:00 in the evening. At the same time, the Sensi in her bedroom will lower the temperature in the morning after she leaves the bedroom and automatically raise the the temperature in the evening before she goes to bed. All this capability is provided by the scheduling feature of the Sensi. Brilliant!At any time my Mom could override the programming to adjust the temperatures locally - but I will have visibility to those changes remotely.Thank you to the team at Emerson for creating such a functional and easy to use product. Almost forgot to mention the reporting feature of the Sensi app that provides usage statistics - incredible!