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R750 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Boost-Intellect Technology: R750 robot vacuum cleaner supports boost-intellect technology, and enables it automatically to increase suction power within seconds when a carpet is detected, moves effortlessly from hard-surface floor to carpet, once off the carpet, normal suction returns. We've upgraded the vacuums up to 2200pa Max pure power suction strength for an impressive clean.
  • Intelligent Mopping Cleaning System: R750 robot vacuum cleaner adopts the latest mopping technology, equipped with an electronically controlled water pump, automated monitor and control the water level according to the dryness and humidity of the floor without spillage, you can get to enjoy a completely clean home from an intelligent mopping system. (A water tank and cleaning mop cloth included)
  • Virtual Boundary Compatible: The R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is compatible with virtual boundaries, specialized new upgraded sensors detect Boundary Strips to ensure your robot only cleans the areas you want. (BOUNDARY STRIPS SOLD SEPARATELY).
  • What You Get: An R750 robotic vacuum cleaner, plus an array of vacuum cleaner accessories: 1x water tank including mop cloth, 4x side brushes, 1x extra HEPA filter, 1x remote control, 1x charging dock, 1x AC power adapter, and 1x cleaning tool. (Warmly note: please kindly note the Coredy R750 is the upgrade version of the R700, it owns the upgraded app, and you can use the mopping function.)



Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
SOOO happy with this purchase

We have 2 dogs who play in dirt and sand in the backyard. We were vacuuming daily and still couldn't keep up. This has changed our quality of life - we just push the button and let it go. The phone app is fantastic. Once in a while it will get caught on something (that we shouldn't have left on the floor). It stops. One feature on the app is to have it sound a signal so we can find it. I don't even have to be home - I can set it to operate by using the app. I studied reviews on many products before purchasing. The Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner not only functions perfectly, it was a great price. Love it!!

Sarah Acosta
Works better than I anticipated

This is a great little vacuum. It pairs easily with Alexa which was an important feature for me. I got it mainly to help control the kitten fluffy infestation in my home. How one little kitty can shed so much is beyond me. I have mostly hardwood floors so the fluffies get stirred up and glide around whenever anyone walks by. They also accumulate under the beds. This little guy has helped me wage war and win the battle against the fluff balls!I had several concerns before purchasing this product:* I was afraid that it would have difficulty transitioning from room to room as i have an older home with very large "lips" between doorways. I was worried it wouldn't be able to get up and over. ~It easily goes from room to room and from area rug to area rug.* I would have to constantly empty the dirt container. ~It is able to clean all my floors without having to be emptied.*It wouldn't be able to navigate tricky areas like around chair and table legs. ~It easily fits under all the chairs and gets right up next to the table and chair legs.Will this replace your standard vacuum? No. But it makes between cleaning maintenance a breeze and is great for getting into hard to reach areas like under the bed. I also like how it came with a bunch of replacements parts and magnetic strips.


I LOVE THIS THING. It turns well around furniture legs. I can drive it with my phone, it goes under all of the furniture and it gets up 2 dogs, 1 cat and the occassional baby chick fur/feathers. I wish i bought one before but a friend mentiond she had an older model that just vacuumed and said how well it works. As long as this sucker doesnt break on me i will sing its praises from the mountain tops because i spent SO MUCH TIME vacuuming before just to have dirty floors mins later. Now i just release Mr. cleanson (daughter named it) and all is handled. Best purchase yet.Had vacuum for longer now: it does require daily emptying of the bin (3 ppl 3 pets and very large dogs 100lbs+). We have curly hair so on day 2 or 3 it required me to untangle the bristles bc the curls stopped them from moving (true curls not waves andthese wrap around any vacuum with brushes or bristles. Still love it. Still have the cleanest floors ever. I run it fills daily. I vacuum the filter to clean it and empty bin...using mop it runs silent which is awesome....only confusion is how to clean with a product because water doesnt clean.....i prefer to use bleach when i manually mop but i dont want to have anything ruin the robot so havnt used any chemicals yet.

This was the best purchase I have ever made

It's incredible and I LOVE it - this little guy does so much it's insane. I save so much time because Coredy just does it all. I have a long haired golden retriever that sheds like crazy and Coredy vacuums up her fur like it's nothing. I am constantly amazed with how much it picks up. I empty the bin every time it runs and it is always full of dust, dirt, crumbs, and hair. It shocks me because I run it literally everyday and it still picks up so much! Also, the bin is a great size, I just like emptying it out each time to be on the safe side.If you have any doubts about this robot - don't. Just buy it. Trust me. It's the BEST thing I have ever bought. I love it lol

Lorna Douville
Best purchase I've made in years!

Love love love my robot vacuum! I intended to vacuum with my big vacuum before using the Cordey but didn't so my floors were bad. This vacuum powered through. Had to empty the bin a lot but it did a great job.I have all solid service floors and one area rug. Decided to test to see how well it cleaned and vacuumed with my regular vacuum. There was still a little that my regular vacuum got up but not very much.I haven't programmed it yet so can't speak to that.My dogs are not fans of it but it is controlling the shedding so they will need to get used to it.I also have not tried the mopping feature yet will update this once I do.