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Premium Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer | Black

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  • Completely wireless: This Smart Thermometer monitors temperature throughout cooking with no strings (or wires) attached.
  • Bluetooth connected: Control your cooking from up to 150 feet away with the free Yummly app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Built-in timers and alerts: Go ahead and multitask. We'll tell you when to flip your food, adjust the heat, and how long to let it rest.
  • Assisted cooking programs: Preset programs for meat, fish, and poultry eliminate guesswork for food done right. Tap what you're cooking, choose how well you'd like it done, and we'll let you know when your food is ready.
  • Leave-in thermometer: Stainless steel probe continually monitors your food to help you grill, roast, and pan-fry with ease.
  • Magnetic charging dock: Sleek charging dock keeps your thermometer protected and charged for cook times up to 25 hours. The magnetic dock affixes to metal surfaces for easy storage on your oven or refrigerator.
  • Thermometer extractor: Protect your hands when you remove the hot thermometer from your food.
  • Included Components: Thermometer, Dock, Lid, Extractor, 2 AAA Batteries



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Catherine Gettman
Cooked to perfection

Couldnt get the photo to transfer. IckBut it worked within 95% accuracy and it was so cool that we just put it in the meat then in the oven and when it was done the phone signaled it was cooked. Came out beautiful. Great thermometer so far!!!!

B V.
Easy to use

I was surprised how much I like this. I was cooking inside and barbecuing at the same time outside. Timing worked great as I didn't have to keep walking out there to keep checking. I love the fact that it tells you when to turn or check when its done!

Daniel Wallace
Works Perfectly

Used it the first time for a meatloaf in my KitchenAid convection oven. Easily paired to my phone and even sent me snarky messages a few minutes before my temp was reached. Also very easy to clean with some alcohol wipes.

makes cooking so much easier! You can see the internal temp change

This is AWESOME, and has made cooking meat so much easier.Have used several times, food came out great.Was actually surprised to see the actual temp of my oven does not match the settings...

Bojan B.
Great grilling tool

I only used it twice so far but the product is good and very accurate. Almost went against purchasing due to negative comments but glad I got it.It is extremely easy to set it up and use it. Accurate temperature too, as I used 2 other probes and they were giving me exactly same results.