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MYQ-G0402 Smart Garage-Door-Sensors | White

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  • Add the ability to monitor, open and close a second garage door opener with Smart Garage Control.
  • Smart Garage Control is limited to controlling two garage door openers.
  • Installation and Programming are easy: Mount to inside top panel of the garage door and add to your existing myQ account through the myQ App.
  • Important: This product works with the new Smart Garage Control (MYQ-G0401 and 821LMC), Smart Garage Hubs 1st generation (MYQ-G0201 & 821LM), and 2nd generation (MYQ-G0301 & 821LMB). Each is sold separately.
  • The sensor provides low battery notifications through the myQ app.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Remote to your phone, operates like the opener in your car

Works great! I normally don't read the instructions before installing but this time I did. It didn't really spell it out, but it works like the opener in your car - so the base unit hooks up to your wifi and then it has a built in remote control like the one you already have.Because of this it works with almost any garage door opener that isn't over 30 years old. It has not had one error in over a couple weeks.If you want it allows you to remove the opener from your car. This is especially nice if you park outside - that was if someone breaks into your car they can't get into your garage.Very happy with the product.

Chie Zamora
Very Nice!

I remember looking into this option a few years ago. I think back then it was around $100 or more. So I passed. Back to present day and it's only $30.00 for 1 garage door. So I decided to give this a go. It was super easy to install and the only issue which isn't really an issue was I couldn't tell exactly is my garage programming button was red or orange. I guess it was orange and it worked. It says you have to mount this on the ceiling in your garage, but you don't have to. Mine is just sitting on a shelf next to the outlet. You can program it so it will close at a certain time. I have heard many stories of people accidently leaving their garage door open all night to find either their cars has been burglarized or even missing. With this device you can set it to close at 8pm and then 10 pm and then again at 12 pm. If its already closed nothing happens. If it's open the light on the device will flash and an alarm or beeping will go off until the garage is fully closed. For $30 its worth the peace of mind.

Great way to smartphone enable your garage

I've wanted smartphone garage control abilities for a while now and the Smart Garage Hub doesn't disappoint. The setup process was relatively straight forward and so far the MyQ app seems very reliable and has a lot of extra features and uses I wasn't expecting. I love that you get notifications when the kids come home from school through the garage.

Just a Customer
Very easy to set up, no fees.

Nifty gadget, especially for the price. My creaky 1995 garage door opener is now cellphone-operated and notifies me when it's going up or down!I admit I was skeptical -- also ordered a keyfob controller just in case it didn't work. But so far it's great.Took me about 45 minutes to set up while *carefully* following the instructions. Having done it once, I think it really should only take about 15 minutes. But no point rushing.You can test everything is working before you mount the boxes -- it involves a couple button presses and a cellphone to log into a website. I was worried our Wifi wasn't strong enough in our detached garage, but it is apparently good enough (despite the app warning me it was weak).Once things are working, you just need to mount the two boxes, which is easy. You wipe down a spot on your garage door, velcro-tape one little box to that; then drill two holes into a wall or post, mount the other little box with 2 screws, and plug it back in. The boxes are quite small and unobtrusive -- except when the door is about to go in motion -- then the main box beeps and flashes bright LEDs to warn you to get out of the way of the door. Our garage door rattles like crazy but that doesn't seem to be causing any trouble.Other reviewers have complained about a subscription fee, but I do not believe there is one at this time for using it standalone -- they never asked me for a credit card so I don't think there are hidden fees. I believe the fees come in if you want to link it to some online smarthome services, and I have no interest in those. If that turns out to be wrong I'll edit this review.Definitely one of the more satisfying little gadgets I've set up in a while.

Works Great

Works as described. The setup was pretty straight forward without complications - if you are using an iPhone/iPad, follow the additional setup instructions included in the package for iOS users. I added a second sensor and now I can monitor my garages. The Chamberlain iOS app works great and once properly setup, you can view the status of the garage door, open and close the door from your phone/tablet and also get alert notifications when an event occurs, all without a subscription fee.Highly recommended if you are in need of a device like this.