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myLink RTS Motorized Shades and Blinds Controller

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  • QUICK AND EASY SETUP - First, plug in the myLink device to any standard wall outlet, making sure to place it near the motorized window treatments you plan to control. Then, download the app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. Open the myLink app and press "Start new system." Follow the simple on-screen setup prompts to connect your myLink device to your WiFi network and take control of your motorized blinds and shades by setting custom channel preferences.
  • CONTROL UP TO 16 CHANNELS FROM ANYWHERE - With myLink, you can control up to 16 individual motorized solutions or 16 groups of motorized solutions using just ONE myLink device. Create custom schedules and scenes for just one zone or your entire house, using the same app for all Somfy powered smart blinds, shades, and other motorized window treatments. (myLink range is approximately 25-35 feet). We generally recommend one myLink device per room in your home.
  • STAY HEALTHY AND SAFE - Somfy myLink makes it easier to help reset your Circadian rhythms by creating schedules to open your motorized blinds and shades in the morning. Wake up naturally to sunshine and your daily dose of Vitamin D! As you move through your day and start squinting from the sun glare on your computer screen, use the myLink app to adjust your motorized window treatments for less glare, less eye strain, and a more productive workday.
  • YOUR SMART HOME, YOUR WAY - With myLink, there are endless options for customizing the light in your home. Use the exclusive "my" setting to program a favorite position for the angle and degree of openness for each individual motorized shade, blind, or drapery. Use myLinks Scenes feature to control multiple motorized products with a single tap. Then, use the Schedules feature to automate those scenes based on time of day, day of the week, or even sunrise and sunset.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Stephen Cotton
Takes your shades into 21st century!

Works as advertised and works great with Alexa!

Mark K.
Connected easily and works well

The somfy myLink has been running reliably in our 1600 square foot condo with four shades for over a month now. Connecting the shades to the myLink bridge was straight forward by following the app instructions. This gives the ability to control the shades remotely via the app including setting open/close schedules. Getting Alexa to control the shades was a little more convoluted. With Alexa connected and on/off commands changed to open/close in the Alexa app the shades now operate via voice control using Alexa's configured schedules rather than the somfy myLink's schedules. This was done for consistency since we also have a number of Meross smart switches and outlets also running Alexa voice commands and schedules. Next project is using Python on Raspberry Pi to control open/close sequences based on local light levels rather than sun times or clock schedules.Overall the myLink bridge operation has been reliable with no dropped Wi-Fi connections and seamless restoration after an inadvertent unplugging of the bridge from the outlet. I can't comment on tech support since I have not had the need to contact them. The only downside I can point to is the high price for the bridge as others have pointed out.

Easy to install, easy to program, easy to use

After getting an estimate for nearly $1,000 to have our outdoor patio sunshades connected onto our Control 4 home automation system, I discovered this $200 option. Ordered it on Saturday and received it on Sunday morning--thanks to free 1-day shipping through Prime. Took all of 10 minutes to program and have up and running. The MyLink app is very simple and easy to use. Now, the blinds automatically lower at 3 pm and raise at 8 pm every day.

Kevin Gallagher
Easy to install

Your phone or tablet becomes the remote. Plus you ca know create pre-sets as well as schedules for your various Somfy controlled products.

Perfect match for Cooloroo Outdoor Solar Shades!

I had some nervousness about purchasing this interface after reading some negative reviews, but for our setup, it works flawlessly. We are controlling three Cooloroo Outdoor Solar Shades which come with the Somfy three button remote. We control each one separately. After receiving the interface, I plugged it into a convenient outlet and installed the Somfy myLink Smart Home app on my iPhone. The app stepped through the setup procedure very clearly. First you wifi directly into the device and change the wifi setting to your home. I have an SSID dedicated to IOT devices which is 2.4 ghz only, so no issue with that requirement. Once connected to the home wifi, I went through the process of adding a device. Push the button on the back of the three button remote until the shade jogs, then press the Program button in the app. Went through that 3 times and it worked each time. The third shade is about 20 feet from the device on the outside of the house. The others are closer.The only problem I had was going to create a schedule, you have to create a scene first not during the creation of the schedule or the schedule doesn't save - probably something which will be fixed in the app at some point.Scenes are limited to open, close or 'My' setting. (not something like close to 25% like the Lutron shades). Schedules can be set to a specific time or up to 120 minutes before or after sunrise or sunset. You can specify which weekday you want the schedule to run.You can use Alexa to control the shades after you go through the linking process in both the MyLink and the Alexa app. It walks you through the steps so I won't repeat them here.So for this application, I can highly recommend this hub and hope your experience goes as well as mine.