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Hydroponics Growing System Indoor Garden Starter Kit | White

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  • Grow Fresh Food Indoors All Year Round: Equipped with 12 planting pods that are made of biodegradable coco coir, the hydroponics system will make the plants and fruits grow in a clean and neat environment that contains no heavy metal, no antibiotics, and non-OMG. As Hydroponic plants are less likely to be targeted by pests than field-grown plants, no chemicals (pesticides and herbicides) will be needed.
  • High Efficiency Grow Light: A 23W LED grow light panel provides the full spectrum of light to meet the plant growth without sunlight. Providing a mix of red+blue+white light and an automatic 24H light circulation(16H on, 8H off) mechanism, this will accelerate the plants to root, sprout, and grow. Thus, you will get harvests many times in one year.
  • Built-in air & water circulation system: A fan is embedded in the light panel not only to reduce the light heat but also for providing an air circulation that mimics the breeze in nature and makes plants grow more efficiently. In the reservoir, a powerful and quiet pump makes the water flow around, which helps to disperse the nutrients and oxygen to make the roots grow healthy.
  • Two Grow Modes and Adjustable Height: Features veggie and fruit modes for different planting. The veggie mode will enhance the blue light to make the plants leafy, and the fruit mode will enhance the red light to make the plants flower and get fruit. As the plants grow high, you can adjust the height of the post to adapt to the growing height(11.2" Maximum).
  • Versatile, Educational, and Fun: 12 planting pods allow you to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, salad fruits, and flowers at a time. It's enjoyable to watch the plants grow. Ideal for indoor use, you can place it on the kitchen counter, window, living room, or office. Ideal gift for birthday, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Good value and nice herbs!

Started the garden as per directions on Sept 7th and within a week, cilantro, parsley and basil had grown enough to remove the cups. It's now November and we have cut and used all three herbs at least three times. Rosemary is trickier, sage and thyme are growing as is mint. Had some green algae on top of some pods. Went on the internet and restarted those pods after cleaning with peroxide. Some white web-like mildew but read it's not harmful and herbs continued to grow. I empty and refill the water once/month and fertilize every three weeks. I bought 4 more to give to our four grow up kids for Christmas. I bought my seeds at our local garden centre.

George K.
Great GIFT

*Update May 2020 - The below review was fake, this product never arrived and I am not a confirmed purchaser. I don't know how this was added under my accountWas a great gift, sleek design and easy to use and set up. Already sprouting and growing in two weeks

Stephani M.Stephani M.
Love this indoor gardening

I have fallen in love with indoor gardening and this is a great unit that holds 12 pods. It came with everything but the seeds and water to get started. If I find myself in need of another, I will purchase this unit again.

Darling Nikki
So easy to use

I have been gardening outdoors for years, but this is my first experience with hydroponics. When I mentioned that I wanted to try indoor gardening, a friend recommended hydroponics, but I was clueless. I am so glad that I found this kit because it came with everything I needed to get started and explained the process really well. It even has grow lights to simulate sunlight.

Anna M. Stokes
Amazing way to grow fresh food

This is wonderful - I have a wide variety of veggies and strawberries growing in my kitchen with virtually no effort - amazing