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3MP 2K Smart Video Doorbell Camera Hardwired w/ Chime

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  • 3MP 2K HD: See who's at your door with crystal clear 3MP/2K crisp high-resolution video, capturing every detail even when you zoom in. Easily identify faces with no worries of grainy images, and enjoy a 160 diagonal field of view showing you everything you need to see outside your door.
  • Instant Notifications & Modular Chime: Get instant push notifications when the doorbell button is pressed or adjust the volume for select times. The modular Chime design allows you to conveniently place your chime where you want, choose from several different tones, and adjust the volume directly on the device. Never miss another delivery or wake your family with an unexpected guest.
  • 2-Way Audio: The Smart home video doorbell gives you the ability to answer your door even when you're not home. Watch live from anywhere, anytime on your phone or favorite supported device, and carry on a crystal-clear 2-way conversation with a single tap on the Kasa app.
  • Night or Day, Rain or Shine: With IP64 weatherproofing, the KD110 is ready for harsh particles and rain. Thanks to the built-in IR sensor, see what's there even in the dark up to 30 ft. away. Whether it's night or day, you'll clearly see the visitors, delivery personnel, or possible intruders that come to your home.
  • Inside the Package1 x Doorbell, 1 x Chime, 1 x 15 Mounting Wedge for angled camera viewing, 1 x Mounting Bracket, 1 x Positioning Card, 2 x Extension Wires, 2 x Wire nuts, 2 x Jumpers for Existing Chime, 2 x Screws and Anchors, 1 x Doorbell Detaching Pin, 1 x Quick Start Guide


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
So far it's good

I have really liked their other products and I am glad they finally came out with a doorbell. Good video and easy setup.

Robert B. HamiltonRobert B. Hamilton
Upgrading from 1 star to 5. Thanks support!

I'm a snowbird Canadian in the USA for the winter. I have the useless Google Nest Doorbell and I'm looking for a replacement. The Kasa doesn't require a subscription unless you want to buy cloud storage. It allows local storage on an SD card (not included).I bought two of these cameras - one for the USA and one for Canada. Initially I couldn't install the doorbell because my Canadian Kasa account doesn't list doorbells. After a few emails and chats with support, they made a Beta app and let me try it out. Works slick! So I'm upgrading from 1 star to 5 stars. If you have a non-US Kasa account contact support and maybe they can help you out.For whatever reason I had to run through the setup twice. Also the LED blinking orange and green to indicate it's ready to set up is invisible unless you squat down beside the camera and look at it straight on. I thought mine was dead but nope. I'm just taller than the beta testers for this product I guess.I have two "fit and finish"complaints. First, the camera doesn't clip onto the back plate perfectly. There is a small gap. Not a deal breaker. Also, one of the two units I bought had a faulty screw terminal. I'm glad I found that out before I drove back to Canada or blew past the return period. As it is, is shipping a replacement.I'm thinking some corners had to be cut to get such amazing video and all these features squeezed into a $58 camera. Best deal on a video doorbell for sure.Otherwise all good. I'm super impressed.Update: Got my SD card. It adds recording - a HUGE improvement. Fast and easy to scroll through events and watch continuous recordings. One problem - you can view the recordings but you can't download the recordings. I had a bad UPS delivery and needed to send the video in. Had to pop my camera off the wall, pull the card and manually go through the recordings. I guess they want you to pay a $5/month subscription to use cloud storage.

Easy to install

Easy to install, good video quality. Great features and ways to customize. I will update this review as time goes on.

Amazing Video Quality

My 5 year old Ring doorbell was in need of a replacement battery in order to access the video, in spite of it being hardwired. I decided to buy new. I already had several TP-Link Kasa products and liked the specifications. It is hardwired but does not activate my household doorbell. It comes with it's own plug-in chime instead.The Kasa sets up like most video doorbells. The instructions are lacking but following the Kasa App on my phone was straight forward enough. Personally I like a paper, step but step guide too.I don't think it took me 30 minutes to mount and activate the Kasa Doorbell. There are 3 video quality settings. The factory default for mine was 720p. It was really good especially at night and I thought it was a higher setting at first. When I found 1080P AND 2304 (3 MP 2K) I was surprised.I WAS AMAZED AT THE 2304P SETTING. Just WOW for an under $60 video doorbell."But wait there's more..." The 128gig mini flash card support allows 24/7 video recording so I don't have to subscribe to cloud storage. The lacking paperwork doesn't say it, duh, but I think using a higher video resolution will limit the 24/7 recording capacity. However Cloud storage is also available.I also get all the notifications and two way audio I would expect of any video doorbell.One major advantage of RING video doorbells would be their "Neighborhood" notifications. Kasa does not support this feature. Really happy with the Kasa video doorbell purchase.

Cary Cashio
Great product.

Easy installation as with all Kasa products. Clear picture and reception.